Waves have nothing to do but crash

Waves have nothing to do but crash.
Pound the shore eternally

Jagged rocks wait at the margins
The waves always come crashing for them

Even in the deep dark night
The waves have never stopped their crashing

Light lazily vanquishes the dark
No thing can restrain the waves from crashing

A city wakes up, groggy
The waves can only crash intently, intensely

Some skip breakfast, some skip hugs
The waves haven’t skipped a single crash

People rush about, going places
The waves are there where they have to be, crashing

We work dance work play
The waves crash crash crash crash

Emotions run mad through the city
The waves come crashing steady and sane

Today, someone lived their dream
Their heartbeat fluttered along with the crashing waves

Today, a dream shattered
The frustration of a heart saw itself in the crashing waves

An aching longing came crashing today
The pain was soothed by the passage of time and waves

Someone, dulled with drudgery
Dramatically ignited under the influence of the thunderous crashing

So many different people
The waves crash, the waves crash the same

The waves have nothing to do but crash
I wish the waves never find anything else to do.

Note: This was inspired at Marine Drive, Mumbai (Future literature teachers, note that down (Chill, I’m kidding)). I do realize that this is a very whimsical piece of writing in that this has absolutely no structure or form or conventionality whatsoever. I think that this (whatever this is) does not even meet the qualification criteria for free verse. The reason I did write this though (and although the non-cheesy part of me refuses to admit this), I have come to find the sea irresistibly beautiful. And if I could express even a tiny part of that beauty, then booyah!


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