I don’t know, really. 

Maybe that wasn’t the best way to start an introduction. But “I don’t know, really” is really the idea this blog stems from.

I’ve always used this phrase a lot. I shall use it again, if you ask me the purpose of this blog, why would anyone read this, what I’m going to write in it, or if I’m going to manage to maintain it at all. On a larger scale, I shall also use it to answer questions like what is the purpose of life, why do people even want to live, what I plan to do with my life, and if I’ll do anything good or worthwhile at all.

Not knowing is what I live in, run away from, combat and also accept. And in my mind, it occupies a very separate space than that of ignorance. For not knowing requires being unignorant of the fact that you don’t know. And in the muddled logic of my head, the awareness of the fact that there are things we don’t know, gives rise to curiosity. Colossal amounts of it, if I am to justify my blogs name.

Qualitatively though, how does knowing stuff help? How does knowing that stalactites are the ones that hang on the ceiling and stalagmites the ones which grow on cave floors, impact my life in anyway (Aside from providing a sentence in my introductory blog post)? You’re going to be sick of this, but I don’t know. What I do hypothesize, however, is that knowledge fascinates us, as a species. It talks to us, tells us of places yet to see, worlds yet to discover. It proudly presents to us our insignificance along with our uniqueness.

In a way, we’re all seekers. Seeking experiences, thoughts of others around us, and seeking our own thoughts too. Maybe that’s why I am blogging. Or maybe I’m blogging so that I have an excuse not to study.

Whatever the reason, I think this is a good idea (as of now). Also, I realize I shouldn’t leave this without something about myself. I’m into sciencey stuff, I sort of understand artsy stuff, and am generally confused and curious. That’s that.

See you around, hopefully!


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