One engineering masterpiece, please

I’d like to see a marvellous machine,
A mystical contraption that would fly.
A gentle beast, that soared,
And wouldn’t hurt the environment it went by.

It would exhale no noxious fumes,
Nor gulp down tankers of fuel.
A legion of photons from the Sun,
Would power this gritty tool.

Hop, skip and jump around the world,
Day and night it’d traverse the skies.
The mission will start slow and steady,
But it’ll swiftly enrich our future, Surprise!

The undertaking is surely a challenge,
It would take years of tireless labour.
Conception, construction, design, detail,
Together create a machine to savour.

Its recipe would be an intricate combination,
Of strong fibres of courage and vision.
Behind the strength of its pioneering pilots,
A team of thousands would make this mission.

News! This fantasy is real,
Watch as it quickens your pulse,
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you
The Solar freaking Impulse.

Note: The Solar Impulse is the only airplane of perpetual endurance, able to fly day and night on solar power, without a drop of fuel. It is currently attempting the First Round-The-World Solar Flight. Do check out their official site for knowing more about their endeavour.




Its been some time,
Since I’ve practiced rhyme,
But now that verse tempts me again,
Not returning might just be a crime,

The exuberance that I had earlier seems to have faded,
My style appears to be a little dated.
Yet in sudden fit of determination akin to that of dogs,*
I am taking up a quest to clean up the mental cogs!

I shall polish the grey cells and exercise the hand,
Even if my words don’t have lustre to reach the fabled Good Poetry Land.

Rust is corrosive, a narcissistic abomination,
It suppresses capability within its encrustation.

Yet rust is that honest villain that reminds me of when I worked not,
And with some laborious scraping, it can be disposed of.

*I honestly don’t know if dogs have sudden fits of determination. They must have some determination though, they’ve lived so long. I mean, Darwin can’t be wrong, so apply weird extension of logic.